Cloud-based Structural Analysis Platform and Design Software Online for Calculating Beams, Frames, Trusses

Calculate the reactions at the supports
Bending Moment Diagram (BMD)
Shear Force Diagram (SFD)
Axial Force Diagram (AFD)
Automated Cross Section Selection
Cross section geometry calculation
Calculation of the Area, Moment of Inertia and other parameters
Detailed text of the calculation

Cloud-based Structural Analysis Platform and Design Software Online for Calculating Beams, Frames, Trusses.

Calculation of beams with a detailed report - examples

The platform allows you to automatically carry out the calculation of statically determinate beams to form a detailed report. To automatically select the beam section of the strength criteria (check for normal and shear stresses, for the third theory of strength) for statically determinate beams.

Calculation of statically indeterminate beams, frames and trusses

The beam calculator allows you to calculate the internal forces in statically indeterminate beams and frames using the finite element method. Result analysis of the structure by finite element method does not contain a detailed report on the progress of finding internal forces.

Cross Section Properties of Shapes and Profiles - example

The section designer allows you to design custom composite sections from both rolled profiles (I-beam, channel, Taurus, square pipe, etc.). The platform allows you to generate a detailed report on geometric characteristics such as: cross-sectional area, coordinates of the center of gravity, static moments, moments of inertia and moments of resistance.

Calculation of columnar and strip foundations - example

The foundation calculation module allows you to select and verify the specified dimensions of columnar and strip foundations, taking into account the design resistance of the soil of the base, contact stresses, eccentricities and deformation of the base. The construction of foundations is ongoing. All calculations are uploaded to a detailed report.

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Define a scheme

Specify the parameters of beams, frames and trusses, set the load and support conditions


Build Diagrams

Select the necessary diagrams and calculation parameters


Get a calculation

Select the tariff and pay the access code to get the result


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